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Central Solutions Limited

Online Learning Programmes

Our training team specialises in delivering dynamic and flexible training programmes, learning platforms and courses to address organisational training needs and requirements.

We partner with top educational, consulting and industry organisations to deliver innovative learning techniques that help businesses meet their core objectives


Information Security PassTM

We help organisations to leverage a key security resource – their employees – through our Information Security PassTM training and awareness programme. The programme is delivered online and ensures your employees:

  • Gain a better awareness of information security risks and threats to the organisation
  • Recognise ways to mitigate exposure to such security concerns
  • Understand IT security compliance business requirements



The GDPR Pass Programme is aimed at raising and demonstrating awareness of GDPR amongst all staff. It is typically aimed at organisations that need to train 100+ staff quickly and cost effectively on:

  • The background and responsibilities of GDPR
  • The requirements related to data privacy and governance
  • The implications for day-to-day business activities






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