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IISF Full Members Meeting IISF Full Members Meeting | 4pm | SMBC Aviation Capital, IFSC House

Measuring Security

This full members meeting will focus on monitoring, measuring and reporting on cybersecurity. The purpose of this session is to create conversation and knowledge sharing. No vendor presentations will precede this session allowing maximum time for members to participate in discussion.


  • The challenge of effectively monitoring and measuring cyber threats
  • Metrics, baselines and frequency of collected data used to chart cyber defenses
  • Vulnerability Management programmes
  • Applying Risk Management measurements to cyber threat metrics
  • Presenting cyber risk metrics to wider audience (Senior Execs, Boards etc.)
  • Managing and evaluating cyber risks in the cloud


The IISF welcomes all full members regardless of experience or knowledge in this area - input or observe in a confidential manner. Chatham House Rules apply.


Full members will receive an email with a link to register for this event, please email if you don't receive a mail.


Location: SMBC Aviation Capital, IFSC House, IFSC, Dublin 1

Time: 4pm

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