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EU Landmark AI Act has been approved by EU Council

DDoS Analysis report for April 2024

Dell Data Breach: Investigation Underway

Adobe Releases Security Updates for Multiple Products

Apple Identifies Vulnerabilities

#StopRansomware: Black Basta

Choosing Secure and Verifiable Technologies

Ireland Joins with NATO to Safeguard Undersea Infrastructure

Stop Ransomware guide

Public Tender - Ireland SOC


SIRIUS and An Garda Síochána advance collaboration

Strategic actions to be NIS2 compliant

IISF April Chapter Meeting

Botnets Continue to Exploit Unpatched TP-Link Routers

Guidelines for secure AI system development

NCSC seeking views from interested parties

Germany Creates Cyber Military Branch to Combat Russian Threats

Russian Cyber Spies Target German Political Parties

Understanding and Responding to DDoS Attacks

Threat Analysis - Insikt Group Annual Report 2023

March 14th Chapter Meeting

MHC Cyber/Data Breach Review 2023

European Parliament has passed landmark regulation on AI

HSE Data Leak

French government a target of cyberattacks

Political agreement reached the Cyber Solidarity Act

Pan-European Pepco Group, falls victim to phishing attack

Shut-down for Varta after cyberattack

Evolving tactics used by Russian state-linked cyber actors

NIST Releases Cybersecurity Framework 2.0

Roundcube Vulnerabilities Exploited by Russian Hackers

Health Insurance Data Breach Impacts Half of France's Population

Cybersecurity Attack on AerCap

OSS Digest on Data Security and Breach Notifications

Water and Wastewater Incident Guide

GitLab Critical Security Release

Revenue issues RFI for Security Policy Management

Recent Ransomware Attack Disrupts Art Galleries

OpenAI moves EAA data processing oversight to Ireland

Cyber Europe 2024

Guidelines for secure AI system development

Cyber Attack kills Mobile & Internet Services Ukraine

Understanding Citrix Bleed

Did hacker group Cyber Av3ngers target Erris water Supply?

Google opens it's third Cybersecurity Centre in Europe

Ransomware Attacks on U.S. Credit Unions

Google Cloud Q3 2023 Threat Horizons Report

Securing AI: Similar or Different?

Planning Considerations for Cyber Incidents

pyobfgood - Python obfuscation trap

Electric Ireland customers warned of data breach risk

When to Issue VEX Information

Phishing: Stopping the Attack Cycle at Phase One

Meta banned from Processing Personal Data

Top Ten Cybersecurity Misconfigurations

NCSC, An Garda & ENISA team on cyber scam awareness

Advisory Warning of BlackTech, PRC-Linked Cyber Activity

Cyber attack on International Criminal Court

DPC fines TikTok €345 million

Canada cyber centre alert - government DDoS attacks

The CISO Monthly Roundup

Malware Analysis Report - Infamous Chisel

Quantum Readiness

RedHotel Group Operating at a Global Scale

BlueCharlie cyber nexus continues to Deploy Infrastructure

Post-event Update: IISF Summer Barbecue

Major Leak of Very Sensitive Staff Information by PSNI

CISA Releases Cybersecurity Strategic Plan

Free Cybersecurity Tools

5G Network Slicing: Security Considerations

Cisco SD-WAN vManage Software Vulnerability

North Korea-Aligned cyber actors Spoofing websites

Security Advisories Released for Thunderbird, Firefox....

Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks

MOVEit Exploit affects DAA

Hackers Exploit Ukrainian Government Mail Servers

Honey Tokens as an early alert mechanism

ISC Releases Security Advisories for BIND 9

National Cyber Risk Assessment 2022

Apple Releases Security Updates for Multiple Products

Another Critical MOVEit Transfer Vulnerability notified

Understanding LockBit Ransomware Variant

HSE systems breached in new Cyberattack

MOVEit global data breach impacts companies in Ireland

Guidelines on Cybersecurity Specifications for Public Procurement

new €4.2m national cybersecurity funding to SMEs

Meta fined €1.2bn for mishandling user information

Joker DPR and the Information War

CVE Monthly Report April 2023

MFA Bypass - Identity Protection & DORA interpretation

Digital Identity

Cybersecurity Services Required

Cybersecurity Best Practices for Smart Cities

Security-by-Design and -Default

Diagnose your SME’s Cybersecurity

Vulnerability Statistics Report & Privacy Top 10

€1.3 billion from the Digital Europe Programme for Europe’s digital transition and cybersecurity

Ransomware attacks on EU transport double in 2022

China positions itself as a Peacemaker? Why??

Insikt Group 2022 Annual Report

Adobe Releases Security Updates for Multiple Products

Microsoft Releases March 2023 Security Updates

Irish DPC Publishes Annual Report for 2022

Cyber Ireland Dublin Chapter Launch

Cyber Tuesday

Technology Meets Compliance - CWSI In Person Event

Victims of MortalKombat ransomware can now decrypt their locked files for free

Two new EDIHs accounted for Ireland

41% of Business Leaders Say Their Organisation Has Experienced a Cyber Attack

CISA Releases ESXiArgs Ransomware Recovery Script

Government must focus on preventative measures to stop future cyberattacks

Security Hot Topic Predictions 2023

Protecting Against Malicious Use of RMM Software

Analysis of China’s Cyber Activity in Cross-Strait Relations

Yet another DPC fine for Meta, this time over WhatsApp

RedDelta Targets European Government Organizations

Adobe Releases Critical Patch Updates

Microsoft Releases Critical Security Updates

Meta faces another €390M fine from DPC

2022 Adversary Infrastructure Report

RFT: Vulnerability Scanning Tool for An Garda Síochána

Reducing Cyber Risks in the Nuclear Supply Chain

Registration opens for CYBERUK conference in Belfast

Cybersecurity & Foreign Interference in EU Info Ecosystem

EU Council Adopts new cyber Security Legislation

DPC fines Meta €256M

European Parliament website hit by DDoS cyberattack

EU Cyber Defence Policy

Protecting against Identity Based Security Attacks

Oracle Releases October 2022 Critical Patch Update

FIN7 Spearphishes with GRIFFON, but Exposes Access to C2

Custom-Built Phishing Pages Include ID Upload and more

Predict22: The Intelligence Summit LONDON | NOV 22, 2022

Proposed EU Cyber Resilience Act

Cybersecurity - our digital anchor - a European perspective

#StopRansomware: Vice Society

Data Regulator fines Instagram €405 million

Malware and Vulnerability Trends Report

Initial Access Brokers Key to Rise in Ransomware Attacks

Moldova, Montenegro, and Slovenia under cyberattacks

Threat landscape on Ransomware attacks

Multiple CVEs Against Zimbra Collaboration Suite

Greek Natural Gas Supplier DESFA Hacked by Ragnar Locker

Estonia targeted again by Cyber Attacks

USB-borne malware threats

Increased threat of ransomware for SMB's

NHS 111 emergency services hacked

Alert (AA22-216A)- 2021 Top Malware Strains

Declaration European Union on malicious cyber activities

Albanian Government Systems Attacked!

Data Protection Commission Moves to Block Meta Transfers


War in Ukraine: Implications for the Black Sea

Alert (AA22-174A)
VMware Horizon & UAG servers

Ireland mulls closer NATO hybrid and cyber co-operation

34th Annual FIRST Conference | "Neart Le Chéile"

Microsoft acquires Miburo

Ireland joins the Microsoft Government Security Program

Cyber Europe 2022 (CE2022)

International Cybersecurity Forum 2022

Cybersecurity Certification: breaking new ground

How much does a data breach cost?

Agreement reached on EU NIS 2 Directive

EU publishes report on the security of Open RAN

HSE cyber attack, could it happen again?

Bank of Ireland fined €463,000 by DPC for data breaches

Platforms are the new fraud frontier

Cyber security skills gap contributing to 80% of breaches

Special Report: Ukraine

RFT: Technology Strategy for the NCSC

Cyber threats are top of mind more than ever now

Google releases emergency patches

US federal alert warns of discovery of malicious cyber tools

RFT: Provision of a Cyber Security Monitoring Solution

VMware warns of critical vulnerabilities in products

Now that's what I call CYBERSECURITY

12 Steps to Cyber Security for Irish Businesses

Irish regulator fines Meta €17M for 2018 data breaches

European Commission's Open Source Programme Office starts bug bounties


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