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Membership is open to any organisation or company, which has an operational interest in information security in their business and is willing to contribute to the affairs of the forum. Please see our constitution for the rules of membership.



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Why join with IISF ?


IISF has become an important gathering of security professionals and practitioners from a variety of industries including finance, utilities, insurance, and government with associates from among the consultant and cybersecurity vendor communty.


Specific IISF objectives to help achieve continuous improvement are:-

  • Facilitate the exchange of information and sharing of experiences of mutual interest
  • Provide a focal point for the users of various information security products and services
  • Hold regular meetings and presentations on Cybersecurity, Information Security and Information Risk topics
  • Represent the views of Information Security, Cybersecurity and Information Risk practitioners on matters of public concern
  • Promote the best information security practice and standards


And we achieve this with:- 

  • Shared Information Security (IS), Cybersecurity knowledge (events, news, resources)
  • Expert presentations (IISF Chapter Meetings)
  • Open Q&A forums 
  • Documented output (Presentation Videos /Slides and Reports)
  • Negotiating significant discounts on training courses for member representatives



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Entitlements include:- 

Please see our constitution for all entitlements


  • Sending representatives to all IISF meetings and receipt of all IISF correspondence.
  • Raise issues for help/assistance.
  • Voting
  • Making recommendations and/or proposing topics for discussion.
  • Providing advice and guidance on new developments that your company is involved with.
  • Serving as members of sub-committees, when invited by committee.
  • Inviting up to two (2) guests per meeting (if future membership may be of interest to the guest.)



In addition,
member organisations can avail of promotional space on the IISF website to help with marketing missions (a listing in our members index, promoting relevant events in our events calendar)

associate members can avail of:- a listing in our vendors register, an option for a premium profile page and sponsorship opportunities to increase exposure to members by submitting white papers or relevant articles for publication or by giving presentations at Chapter Meetings.

Full Membership
(€250 p.a.)
Open to those organisations in which information security is an important function. i.e. where information security is 'used' as a service rather than 'sold' as a service. 

Associate Membership
(€250 p.a. - plus €200 once off vetting and admin fee)

Associate Membership of the Forum is open to any individual or organisation providing information systems products or services, or any related consultancy services or third party vendors. Opportunity to list your business on our approved vendor register plus an opportunity to purchase a premium profile page on the IISF website to enhance your online marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) campaigns.
(Premium Profile page - €50 p.a.)

IISF Annual Membership runs from January to December each year. If you join after January, your membership fee will be reduced on a pro-rated basis up to December of the current year.

(read our constitution for eligibility and full entitlements)

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