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CISA Releases Cybersecurity Strategic Plan

Source: CISA
Release Date: August 04, 2023

CISA releases strategic plan to fulfill their cybersecurity mission over the next three years.


The CISA Cybersecurity Strategic Plan aligns the following nine objectives to specific enabling measures and measures of effectiveness to drive accountability:

  • Increase visibility into, and ability to disrupt, cybersecurity threats and campaigns
  • Coordinate disclosure of, hunt for, and drive mitigation of critical and exploitable vulnerabilities
  • Plan for, exercise, and execute joint cyber defense operations and coordinate the response to significant cybersecurity incidents
  • Understand how attacks really occur—and how to stop them
  • Drive implementation of measurably effective cybersecurity investments
  • Provide cybersecurity capabilities and services that fill gaps and help measure progress
  • Drive development of trustworthy technology products
  • Understand and reduce cybersecurity risks posed by emergent technologies
  • Contribute to efforts to build a national cyber workforce




CISA Cybersecurity Strategic Plan 2024-2026



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